Synergy VR Aerial Services

professional aerial survey, image and video services

Synergy VR Aerial Services

professional aerial survey, image and video services

We offer a range of professional aerial services from industrial surveying to creative video and photography. With the recent growth in the UAV industry (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or drone), there’s never been a better time to
take to the skies!

Our highly trained pilots and investment in the very latest drone & camera technology ensure that you get the best aerial images and video for your project. All of our pilots are fully CAA qualified so you can relax in knowing that safety is our number one priority.


By adopting the latest 4k and HD camera technology, we can provide you with stunning aerial footage at a fraction of the cost of traditional aerial capture techniques.

Don’t be tied to planet earth, hire a drone and take to the skies.

Just imagine the creative possibilities when you have a 400 foot jib at your disposal!

Now the aerial shots of your dreams can become reality.


We deploy drones to give you instant access to survey or inspect buildings, bridges, wind turbines, aerial masts and tanks without the need for costly and dangerous rope access or scaffolding.

Aerial inspection and survey using a drone is safer, cheaper and faster than traditional methods. Our SMSTS and FAAW trained pilots will help you to complete your survey requirements on time and under budget.


Aerial photographs are no longer the preserve of the wealthy. We will provide a low cost way to capture exciting aerial images of your wedding, home, construction project, event or business.

We can provide the images in a format of your choice, either unedited (RAW) or photo-enhanced if you require.